The secrets of Alien, the Extraordinary Fragrance

Alien enhances the universal and creative strength of women. A divine energy, as if from elsewhere, which shines and calls to awaken the extraordinary which is within each of us. For its new advertising campaign, played by Jourdan Dunn, MUGLER unveils the secrets of its Eau de Parfum talisman.

The origins of Alien

In 2005, MUGLER launched Alien : a unique olfactory creation inspired by the history of a female shaman, a guardian angel who wields an enchanting talisman and is the bearer of a universal, benevolent message.

« Alien is inspired by my wonderful imaginary journeys which bring together both the origins of the world and a bright future. Alien invites you to explore the strange and wonderful and see right through the mysterious. » Monsieur Mugler

A woman at the crossroads of civilizations

The first face ofAlien was chosen by Monsieur Mugler. To bring his creation to life, he sought a woman at the crossroads of civilizations to embody this “strange and mysterious” Eau de Parfum which “emanates from the origins of the world and the remote future”. Monsieur Mugler chose the Moldovan model Alexandrina Turcan, whose famous beauty is a mix of European, Asian and African heritage.

An overdose of Amber and Cashmeran wood

In the full bloom of floral perfumes, Mugler shakes up the codes of perfumery by modernizing the Amber family with a double overdose: white amber is combined with Cashmeran wood, a synthetic accord with warm, sensual and enveloping notes. By incorporating the Sambac jasmine, a flower of the sun by nature, Alien Eau de Parfum is an Amber Woody Floral fragrance that reinvents the genre.

An amethyst-inspired bottle

Hypnotizing with its purple color which is almost vermilion red, the amethyst gemstone is said to have beneficial virtues and bring serenity. In Greek mythology, it protected the wearer from all forms of drunkenness; in Ancient Egypt, it was believed to have healing powers.
Theamethyst also encourages meditation and spiritual elevation: it’s for this arcane and nurturing power that MUGLER takes inspiration from the amethyst for Alien Eau de Parfum, bestowing a supernatural energy upon its bottle.

Подробнее Вдохновение
Коллекция весна-лето — 2020

Коллекция весна-лето — 2020

Актуальная и смелая коллекция Mugler ставит острый вопрос о сексуальности в сегодняшнем мире эпохи гипермодерна.

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